Andy Burelle pointing to the crowd

Professional Rodeo Clown and entertainer, Andy Burelle makes his home in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Andy has been involved in entertaining crowds through both freestyle bullfighting and protection bullfighting since 1999. He has worked some of the largest rodeos and bullridings across the county, including Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Calgary Stampede, Madison Square Gardens and California Rodeo Salinas. Andy has always known how to impress a crowd, and he is well rewarded for this by being named multiple time World Champion Bullfighter. Andy has been involved in rodeo in many different aspects including bullrider, bullfighter, and even PRCA rodeo producer, therefore, it has been a natural transition for him to segway into Professional Rodeo Clown. He has had an awesome opportunity throughout his bullfighting career to work with and observe many of the top Rodeo Clowns that have been in the business. His work performance is second to none, his material is ever evolving and improving and he is continuously integrating new material into his acts.

One of his goals that he strives to achieve is not telling the rodeo jokes that you here repeatedly at rodeos, while these jokes are funny, you don’t want to lose your crowd when hearing the same jokes year after year.  It’s an extraordinary compliment when a roper came up to him after an act and said, “Man, we have been to a lot of rodeos and seen a lot of clowns, and you even had us laughing”. When you have the contestants laughing, you know you are doing something right.

Doing something right he is, he travels with more than 15 working acts. His acts use current trends and hot topics that bring great crowd involvement. The acts vary from the trendy Duck Dynasty, and Jackass stunts to some old school acts that haven’t been seen for decades. This wide variety of entertainment shows his versatility as an entertainer. Andy is just as effective at making an audience laugh when using a pantomime act as he is when using the announcer for commentary.

Several of Andy’s acts also include the use of live animals, from the mini-horse and donkey to a lion tamer act, with the world’s most dangerous mini-lion.  With the help of his horse trainer wife, Robyn, Andy has lined up some of the most talented horses that are sure to impress your crowd and give them that extra added value of entertainment.

Being in the rodeo business for over 10 years, Andy understands rodeo. He is excellent at promoting rodeos and visiting local sponsors. He has done countless TV and radio interviews, as well as countless school, nursing home and hospital appearances to promote rodeos. Andy is always timely and knows the importance of recognizing all of the hard work that both committees and sponsors put forth to make a rodeo successful.

Andy Burelle is your clown, with his exceptional attitude, clean and family friendly jokes he is ready to bring your fans to their feet.